Here is some FAQ's we get asked..

Q. Why have you created this site?

A. In recent times funeral videos have become ‘normal’ and are now a very popular service. So, to keep our costs down our videos are hosted on YouTube which is a free platform, this saving is in turn passed onto the client. Our reasoning for developing is because YouTube displays adverts and suggested videos around what you are watching. We believe hosting on is a more respectful way to display your loved one’s funeral video without the ‘clutter’.

As an added benefit to hosting on it means where a live-stream isn’t possible we can provide a link in advance to where the recorded video will be available at given time and date.

Q. What are the options for hosting our loved ones funeral video on

A. There are a few options are available. Most people opt to have the funeral hosted for anyone visiting the site to view. We can also provide an unlisted link which can be password protected, if desired.

Q. Why can’t I view the video that’s been published?

A. If a video has been published on our site and you are unable to view, it’s likely because you’ve rejected / not accepted cookies. To solve the issue, click the cookie icon in the bottom left and then click “Accept All”.  This is a compliance requirement and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Q. Why are there adverts showing on the video?

A. YouTube is very strict regarding copyright, if the algorithm detects music on a video it will automatically flag the song either as original or a cover. The copyright holder may run adverts on the video as a result. This unfortunately is out of our control.

Q. Is the video publicly visible on YouTube?

A. No, all video’s hosted on are unlisted unless we are directed otherwise.

Q. Can I post a condolence and is there a charge?

A. Yes, you can post a condolence and posting is totally free.

Q. I posted a condolence, why can’t I see it on your site?

A. Because of the sensitive nature of funeral videos, all condolences go through a moderation process. Your condolence will appear when approved, we thank you for you patience.

Q. Will my condolence always be visible on

A. Yes, as long as the video remains on our site your condolence will remain visible.

Q. Can I remove a condolence once I’ve posted it?

A. If for whatever reason you wish to remove a condolence, please email from the email address used to post  the condolence and we’ll remove it as soon as possible.

Q. Can a funeral video be removed from

A. Yes, family can request a video be removed via whoever initially booked us, please email us at to request a removal.

Q. How do we book?

A. Booking us can be done by the family directly or by asking your funeral director to get in touch. You can contact us by emailing or by calling / WhatsApp us on +44 (0)7712051317

If you have any further questions, please email us at

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